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Station Chef

Job Responsibilities

  • Reports to and takes necessary instructions from the Sous Chef

     A. Saucier - highest position of all stations

      1. Prepares sauces, stews, and hot hors d’oeuvres, and sautés foods to order
      2. Prepares and cooks all protein (main dishes) together with grillardin station chef

     B. Grillardan

      1. Prepares and cooks all protein (main dishes)
      2. Butcher/marinates protein

     C. Entremetier (Vegetable cook)

      1. Prepares vegetables, soups, starches, and eggs
      2. Breakfast cook

     D. Pantry/pastry chef

      1. Responsible for cold foods, including salads and dressings, pâtés, cold hors d’oeuvres
      2. Responsible for all dessert orders

Skills and Competencies

  • Cooking and knife skills
  • Food safety and hygiene awareness
  • Good teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Works well under pressure
  • Creativity in food preparation

Job Requirements

  • At least 1-year kitchen work experience in a hotel or fine dining restaurant or other similar food establishment
  • Post-secondary education or with at least one-year culinary arts program diploma
  • Basic knowledge of the assigned stations
  • Basic Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) training
  • Ideally a local resident or of nearby town or willing to relocate to Lipa, Batangas
Finance Assistant


  1. File and Pay the tax returns


  • Encode sales per POS for the tax period in BIR Esales website.

BIR FORM 0619E/1601E

  • Check all withholding taxes if already remitted to BIR
  • Summarize all withholding taxes not remitted to BIR
  • Encode withholding taxes for the month to “BIR ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY” (BIR Application) for QAP submission
  • Finalize and File to efps (Finance Head will check first before filing and payment)
  • Monitoring of payments if authorized by Ma’am Joyce.

BIR FORM 2550M/2550Q

  • Validate all Used Official Receipt , BIR Receipts Book and encoded OR by Front Office for the tax period
  • Sum up the Sales per category (leasing, restaurant, hotel)
  • Collect the BIR 2307 to all tenants and Corporate Guest
  • Summarize the purchases by account and separate it if it is vatable or vat exempt purchases
  • Compute VAT Payable for the tax period
  • Finalize and File to efps (Finance Head will check first before filing and payment)
  • Monitoring of payments if authorized by Ma’am Joyce.


  • File to efps (data will come from HR and will be checked by Finance Head) – duojet
  • Summarize basic pay, overtime holiday night shift pay, 13th month pay and other benefits, and government contributions of all crews and managers - jetopia
  • Finalize and File to efps (Finance Head will check first before filing and payment) – jetopia


  • Using the summary of sales and purchases from 2550Q , Compute the Taxable Income for the Quarter
  • For Annual ITR, Make a summary of all Quarterly Income Tax Return.


  • Using 2550M/Q, Make a Summary List of Sales and Purchases for the quarter using RELIEF (BIR Application)
  • Generate, Validate and Submit to BIR thru email


  • Using 0619E/1601EQ, Make an Alphalist of Payees subjected to expanded withholding taxes using BIR Application
  • Generate, Validate and Submit to BIR thru email


  • Summarize the QAP generated in BIR Application
  • Sort according to supplier
  • Total all tax withheld per supplier
  • Make an alpha list of payees subject to expanded withholding tax for the year using BIR application
  • Generate, Validate and Submit to BIR thru email


  • File to efps
  • Monitoring of payments if authorized by Ma’am Joyce.


  • Certified true copy all lessee contracts
  • Process other requirements then submit in BIR office
  1. Updating of BIR Books;

DUOJET BOOKS: Cash Disbursement Books, General Ledger Book, Cash Receipts Book

JETOPIA BOOKS: Cash Disbursement Book, Sales Book, Cash Receipts Book, Purchase Book

**other books like Senior Citizen Book, POS Book are updated by store managers**

  • Manual updating and summarizing of books of accounts for Duojet
  • Summarize all the data that will be written to BIR Books of Jetopia
  1. Collect all requirements for renewal of Mayor’s Permit and Process annual reports for Securities and Exchange Commission for both Duojet, Jetopia and Jetwell ( SEC only)
  2. Print all BIR Form 2307 for Zenith and Fresh and Famous Corporation and collect all Gift Certificate Used then sent it to JWS via LBC – deadline; every 10th of the month
  3. Prepare and Submit BIR Form 2307 for Grab Food and Food Panda through their website.
  4. Comply with all documents needed for the BIR audit and tax clearance.
  5. Filing of BIR tax dues of Jetwell.

Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent communication skill, both verbal/ public speaking and written
  • Understanding of business and finance
  • Strong sales, convincing and negotiation/ marketing skills
  • Interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent computer skill
  • Team player
  • Target driven and works under pressure

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration, marketing or related field
  • Experience in sales or marketing
  • Familiarity with competitors or similar business market in Lipa and neighboring towns
Sales Associate


  • Primarily responsible for managing a team whose job is to bring in customers and clients to the organization or Hotel;
  • Assists Management in business planning and is the lead person in sales and marketing;

A. SALES (All income generating activities)

  1. Focuses on getting sales lead (with target) for the ff:
      • Corporate Accounts
      • Online Travel Agencies
      • Events/Banquets
      • LED
      • Leasing (occupancy of tenants)
  1. Leads in the presentation of packages
      • In charge of making event packages (Occasions, Seminars, etc) and room rate packages for key accounts (gov't, corporate accounts,etc)
      • Signing of contracts and MOA (Tenants, Clients, Partners, etc)
  1. Prepares report and evaluation of sales performance


    1. Runs special and seasonal Company-initiated events (JET Hotel and The Uptown)
    2. Develops and implements promos and deals
    3. Capitalizes on Partnerships (Anytime Fitness, Lima Park Hotel, Robinsons for parking)
    4. Conducts market research and updates on industry trends
    5. Develops programs and marketing-related projects to increase occupancy and make profitable use of its leasable spaces, accommodation, meeting and leisure facilities.
    6. Plans and monitors advertising and promotional activities, making sure that all marketing materials and collaterals including website, social media pages, hotel compendium and print materials are up-to-date with general information on JET Hotel (facilities, features, rates and events)
    7. Collaborates with strategic accounts and industry-related stakeholders to establish JET HOTEL as top-of-mind venue for functions, events, and accommodations
  • Handles public relations and monitors customer reviews on websites, social media pages, and hotel booking sites to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the businesses;
  • Develops and recommends product positioning, pricing strategy and maintains a consistent corporate image throughout all promotional materials and events;
  • Conducts meetings/presentations with potential and new clientele; and,
  • Performs other function/s that may be assigned by Management from time to time.

Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent communication skill, both verbal/ public speaking and written
  • Understanding of business and finance
  • Strong sales, convincing and negotiation skills
  • Strong leadership
  • Critical thinking, problem solving, analytical, and strategic planning skills, both interpersonal and organizational
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Strongly motivated, team performer, target driven and goal focused
  • Ability to stay calm even under pressure

 Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration or related field; Master's degree in a related course is an advantage.
  • Years of solid experience in sales or marketing
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